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Developer Information: C/C++
Old - C/C++ Internet Resource Guide Tutorials / Libraries / Compilers / FAQs Links

See also Microsoft links - Visual C++, MFC, Windows


Standard C++

Standardisation - JTC1/SC22 is the international standardization subcommittee for programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces. SC22 is oftentimes called the "portability subcommitee".

C++ Standard JTC1/SC22/WG21 - C++ buy at Closed issues Issues core, library.
Drafts Final Draft (FDIS) Dec 1996 Nov 1997 (CD2) Archive of drafts at

Conformance to standards : Compiler Comparison table

C++ Libraries

AVL tree template by Walt Karas

Blitz (Numerics,Scientific computing,Templates, Open source)
Functional Programming : FC++, PETE.
Boost notes
Boost Libraries
  • any - Safe, generic container for single values of different value types, from Kevlin Henney. 
  • array - STL compliant container wrapper for arrays of constant size, from Nicolai Josuttis.
  • call_traits - Defines types for passing parameters, from John Maddock, Howard Hinnant, et al.
  • compatibility - Help for non-conforming standard libraries, from Ralf Grosse-Kunstleve and Jens Maurer.
  • compose - Functional composition adapters for the STL, from Nicolai Josuttis.
  • compressed_pair - Empty member optimization, from John Maddock, Howard Hinnant, et al.
  • concept check - Tools for generic programming, from Jeremy Siek.
  • config - Helps boost library developers adapt to compiler idiosyncrasies; not intended for library users.
  • conversion - Numeric, polymorphic, and lexical casts, from Dave Abrahams and Kevlin Henney.
  • crc - Cyclic Redundancy Code, from Daryle Walker.
  • function - Function object wrappers for deferred calls or callbacks, from Doug Gregor
  • functional - Enhanced function object adaptors, from Mark Rodgers.
  • graph - Generic graph components and algorithms, from Jeremy Siek and a University of Notre Dame team.
  • integer - Headers to ease dealing with integral types.
  • iterator adaptors - Adapt a base type into a standard conforming iterator, and more, from Dave Abrahams, Jeremy Siek, and John Potter.
  • math/octonion - Octonions, from Hubert Holin.
  • math/quaterion - Quaterions, from Hubert Holin.
  • math/special_functions - Mathematical special functions such as atanh, sinc, and sinhc, from Hubert Holin.
  • operators - Templates ease arithmetic classes and iterators, from Dave Abrahams and Jeremy Siek.
  • pool - Memory pool management, from Steve Cleary.
  • property map - Concepts defining interfaces which map key objects to value objects, from Jeremy Siek.
  • python - Reflects C++ classes and functions into Python, from Dave Abrahams.
  • random - A complete system for random number generation, from Jens Maurer.
  • rational - A rational number class, from Paul Moore.
  • regex - Regular expression library, from John Maddock.
  • smart_ptr - Four smart pointer classes, from Greg Colvin and Beman Dawes.
  • static_assert - Static assertions (compile time assertions), from John Maddock.
  • test - Support for program testing and execution, from Beman Dawes.
  • timer - Event timer, progress timer, and progress display classes, from Beman Dawes.
  • tokenizer - Break of a string or other character sequence into a series of tokens, from John Bandela.
  • tuple - Ease definition of functions returning multiple values, and more, from Jaakko J?vi.
  • type_traits - Templates for fundamental properties of types, from John Maddock, Steve Cleary, et al.
  • utility - Class noncopyable plus checked_delete(), checked_array_delete(), next(),  prior(), and tie() function templates, from Dave Abrahams and others.
Loki Library from Modern C++ design. download Generic Programming & Design Patterns applied.
MTL Matrix Template Library
NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory by Victor Shoup

Standard Template Library

C/C++ Library reference by DinkumWare (PJ Plauger) FAQ links

Safe STL

SGI - STL Programmer's Guide Essential site for STL users. Contains STL enhancements to be considered for the next C++ standard. download libraries
Mumit's STL newbie guide
See also STL books.


sub duck

Guru of the week.
Alan Holub's web site (C++,OO,Java)

ACCU mailing lists

  • accu-general : for discussion about C, C++ and Java, aimed at intermediate to advanced programmers.
  • accu-prog-questions : (members only) aimed at students and novice to intermediate programmers seeking help with code.
C/C++ Usenet news-groups


Search the ACCU book reviews and discuss them on the mailing list accu-d-books

C++ books

Also on this page C++ FAQs

For reviews on related books, try our Beginner's or Advanced C++ sections.
See also
Tutorials / Primers

STL books

Other Standard Library books

C++ Compilers

Borland (Inprise)

Online Comeau (tech talk), Gnu.
Ch cross platform C/C++ interpreter

DJGPP (32 bit Gnu C/C++ for DOS, uses DPMI) docs links download via SunSite via Demon

Dave Walker C for Psion 3a/3c C for Qdos tools for EPOC32 C++ SDK ELVIS
EPC - portable compilers
GNU - manuals gcc Experimental (ecgs) Cygwin docs Pentium
Microsoft Visual C++
Open Watcom C/C++
DOS4G/W Frank DeCaire - Watcom C/C++ fan
Conformance to standards : Compiler Comparison table

C++ Tutorials

Also on this page C++ Books

Also on this page C++ FAQs
Online C++ tutorial (basic through to average).

C/C++ Tools


C Source code browser & analyser

Visual C++ STL error decryptor (freeware).

Source Styler source code beautifier for C/C++
Gimpel - PC Lint for C/C++
Knowledge Software
RistanCASE IDE for embedded devices
Thinkage Shareware who make Thinkage LINT and Thinkage YAY (YACC), both multi-platform shareware products.




SeeAlso: GNU's Not Unix! KDE The GNOME project Mozilla browser Source forge Advanced Linux Architechure - ALSA Trolltech - Creators of Qt - The multi-platform C++ GUI/API




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