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Thomas Wolf CScene

Good C++ links FAQs ezines Excellent links for all aspects of C++ - WWW sites, FAQs, Learning C++, Other C++ lists Standards & Documentation, Standard Library, STL, Other libraries, Book lists, Selected text books, Language critiques, Style guides, Source code, Utilities, Magazines, News letters, Technical reports and papers, Tools, Compilers, Humour, Newsgroups.

Developer Information: C/C++
Old - C/C++ Internet Resource Guide Tutorials / Libraries / Compilers / FAQs Links

See also Microsoft links - Visual C++, MFC, Windows


Standard C++

Standardisation - JTC1/SC22 is the international standardization subcommittee for programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces. SC22 is oftentimes called the "portability subcommitee".

C++ Standard JTC1/SC22/WG21 - C++ buy at Closed issues Issues core, library.
Drafts Final Draft (FDIS) Dec 1996 Nov 1997 (CD2) Archive of drafts at

Conformance to standards : Compiler Comparison table

Standard C

New ISO standard for C (C9X)

Standard C Library

Dinkum C Library Reference Manual The Dinkum C Library Reference Manual is written by PJ Plauger, and is completely available on the web. It provides a full reference to all functions and macros in the C Standard Library.

C libraries


MESA (OpenGL workalike)



Search the ACCU book reviews and discuss them on the mailing list accu-d-books

C books

For reviews on related books, try our Beginner's or Advanced C sections.

The C Programming Language by Kernighan & Ritchie Complement : The Development of the C Language
C Traps and Pitfalls by Andrew Koenig

Expert C Programming by Peter van der Linden

The Standard C Library by P J Plauger
See also Books on Linux & C

C/C++ Tools


C Source code browser & analyser

Visual C++ STL error decryptor (freeware).

Source Styler source code beautifier for C/C++
Gimpel - PC Lint for C/C++
Knowledge Software

RistanCASE IDE for embedded devices

Thinkage Shareware who make Thinkage LINT and Thinkage YAY (YACC), both multi-platform shareware products.



  • comp.lang.c FAQ The comp.lang.c FAQ is a definitive question and answer guide to all areas of the C language and provides practical help to some difficult questions.


SeeAlso: GNU's Not Unix! KDE The GNOME project Mozilla browser Source forge Advanced Linux Architechure - ALSA Trolltech - Creators of Qt - The multi-platform C++ GUI/API



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